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About us

EMG Asiacom was founded by EMG, the leading international B2B communications agency specialised in industrial media relations programmes and also founder of Eurocom Worldwide, the global alliance of independent, privately owned public relations agencies.

Together with EMG’s office in China, EMG Asiacom forms a regional network comprising partner agencies in Asia’s key markets including China, Japan, India, South Korea and Australia.

EMG’s history of working with local partner agencies in Asia extends back more than 15 years. Since establishing its own presence in Asia with offices in China in 2004, EMG has worked on strengthening these relationships and forging a cohesive regional partner capability that offers clients a singular point of contact with proven B2B and industry know-how that can deliver across the region or on a country-by-country basis. Regional programs are managed through EMG’s proprietary online tools and integrated into clients’ global structures as required and can be managed from Europe, or Asia as best suits the clients’ needs.

EMG Asiacom - the regional network uniquely specialised in B2B & Industrial marketing communications and media relations. An integrated regional approach delivering local expertise across Asia in China, India, Japan, South Korea and Australia ensuring optimum simplicity, efficiency and results.



Spectrum Group

20 years of history in the Australian marketplace and 150 years of experience sitting in our office leave us well positioned to help the brands and businesses we work with achieve meaningful results.

Spectrum Group delivers content-centred communications to local and global clients in Australia. We help develop and refine content that engages. We target influencers to ensure it hits the market with momentum. We amplify the narratives that matter to the large, existing media platforms. We integrate the newest thinking and tools. We measure our methods and use data to improve our decision making and strategy.

We specialise in telling stories about technology, increasingly for companies outside of the technology sector who are using technology as a way to demonstrate innovation or customer centricity.

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