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Value Based Marketing
Creating Customer Value, Capturing Your Share

China's chemical market, the world's largest, is forecast to represent the majority of global market growth throughout the decade and is destined to be 50% larger than Western Europe's and North America's combined by the end of the decade.

Competition will significantly increase, further challenging company profitability.

Emphasizing product and solution value is the only sustainable approach for all but the very lowest cost producers. A training course addressing these issues and designed to develop the essential value based-marketing skills for success in China is being held on:

  • July 15th / 16th in Chinese
  • July 17th / 18th in English
At the Kerry Hotel Pudong, No.1388 Hua Mu Road, Shanghai

The workshop will be led by Phil Allen - CEO, Customer Value Management, Dr. Hao Li - Managing Director, HCA Consulting, Andy Richards - Director, International Eyes.

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Spectrum Group

20 years of history in the Australian marketplace and 150 years of experience sitting in our office leave us well positioned to help the brands and businesses we work with achieve meaningful results.

Spectrum Group delivers content-centred communications to local and global clients in Australia. We help develop and refine content that engages. We target influencers to ensure it hits the market with momentum. We amplify the narratives that matter to the large, existing media platforms. We integrate the newest thinking and tools. We measure our methods and use data to improve our decision making and strategy.

We specialise in telling stories about technology, increasingly for companies outside of the technology sector who are using technology as a way to demonstrate innovation or customer centricity.

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