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How we work

EMG Asiacom and its regional partners have built up considerable experience of developing and delivering genuinely effective multi-country PR programmes. Tailored and scalable to suit each client’s particular needs and circumstances, EMG Asiacom offers:

  • Regional or selective country-by-country focus
  • Single-point contact, reporting and invoicing
  • Managed from Europe, China, or any other local partner country to match with key client contact’s location

EMG Asiacom - the regional network uniquely specialised in B2B & Industrial marketing communications and media relations. An integrated regional approach delivering local expertise across Asia in China, India, Japan, South Korea and Australia ensuring optimum simplicity, efficiency and results.



Tel: +81 3-3273-2731

The EMG Asiacom partner for Japan is Tokyo PR, a specialist B2B practice with over 40 years’ experience in the Japanese market. Tokyo PR is highly specialised in the materials, machinery, automotive, energy and related sectors and its client experience includes GE, SABIC, Fairchild and Solutia.

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